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Les Amis du Vin Utah is for Lovers! In 1976, a small but dedicated group of wine lovers banded together to form a wine tasting and education group in Utah. The idea took hold and the group started to grow. Today Les Amis du Vin Utah is a vibrant collection of people from all walks of life who enjoy coming together every couple of months to raise their glasses in celebration of good food and good wine. LADV is not a prestige-oriented social club that puts the emphasis on competitive tasting skills, but rather a group of eclectic individuals who appreciate the subtle pairing of food and wine ... at a reasonable price. So to all of you lovers of the grape and plate, we say salute, prost, à la votre santé, skál, sláinte, zum wohl, na zdorovje, salud, chin chin or just plain cheers!
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